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Friday, February 27, 2009

What Tyra Can Teach Us About Marketing

If you watch daytime TV, or The Soup, you're more than familiar with Tyra Banks and her talk show. It's certainly far from Emmy-quality entertainment, to say the least. While it may not be the most likely source for marketing inspiration, there are at least 3 things we can learn about marketing from the successes and mis-steps of the Tyra Banks Show.

1. Aim High

No matter how much this show is mocked by virtually every single person on the planet, they cannot dispute the fact that Tyra landed an interview with the man who would eventually become President of the United States, Barack Obama. What a great "get" for a second or third tier talk show! Somebody must've picked up the phone and made it happen, even though it was highly unlikely they would be successful. As the adage goes, you miss out on 100% of clients you don't pursue.

2. Substance and Depth are Crucial

As a former Supermodel, Tyra Banks is known for her attractiveness. But as her show has demonstrated she's about as deep as the paper-thin magazine pages in which she's appeared. Your company might be in the same position. You may plan to spend a bundle (or you may have already) on cutting-edge marketing material from websites to brochures to peddle your product or service. But, if your company doesn't have the substance clients are looking for, you've wasted your money. Spend more time honing your message, values and offerings before investing in top of the line collateral.

3. It's Not About You!

Banks' ability to make any and every situation all about her is practically a superpower. From dressing up in the fat suit to interviews that devolve into a barrage of personal information, her egotism knowns no boundaries. Even though this seems obvious enough, a majority of businesses act like Tyra every single day. Marketing is not about you, it's about the services you can provide others. Focusing on your potential client's needs will lead to far more success than trumpeting your organization's benefits to a level that would make Spammers uncomfortable.

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