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Friday, March 27, 2009

Always Under Promise, Over Deliver

What happens when your sales are better than your product or service? Your client gets monorailed:

Lionel Lanley had a persuasive presentation that any salesperson would envy (WARNING: include songs in your sales pitch at your own risk). But he left the town with his life in jeopardy because he sold the town a shoddy product. Nothing will ruin a business faster than poor service to clients, no matter how spectacular the pitch is on the front end. In fact, many businesses claim to have a sales problem when they really have a service problem or a fundamental flaw in their product. From a revenue perspective, it's simple: if you maintain long-term and repeat customers, you won't be required to exert as much sales effort to meet the bottom line. And the best way to keep your customers happy is always exceeding their expectations.

Good salespeople set expectations for the client, but the fundamental question for every business is can you deliver on those expectations time and time again? Take a lesson from the folly of Lionel Lanley and always under promise and over deliver.

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